Is Your Attitude Limiting Your Wealth

Is Your Attitude Limiting Your Wealth

Is Your ‘Average’ Attitude Limiting Your Wealth

In a gathering of 100 people, approximately 97 of them would say they are average human beings. Are you one of the 97? In our society we use the term “average” to mean regular, normal, acceptable, or ordinary; we are essentially saying we are part of the masses. If you were raised in a family that considered themselves “just regular people,” you may have accepted this belief as true and adopted what’s called the “Attitude of Average.” Holding that belief may mean the difference between living an ordinary life and an extraordinary one.

The Attitude of Average has its upside and downside. Being average gives us a sense of belonging. It can absolve us of the responsibility of falling short of the results we are truly capable of achieving. On the flip side, it may mean that we settle for a good life when we really desire a great life. The real challenge is that this idea becomes embedded in our mind. We then consider people who accomplish what we do not to be special, lucky, or know something that we don’t.

The truth is you are not average, and neither is anyone else. Everyone is born with the capability to create the life they would love living. Everyone has the same ability to learn and achieve as any other person. The Attitude of Average impedes your ability to believe that you are just as capable as those you view as special. Without the belief that you can do so, you don’t try, you don’t take the actions that “special people” take, and you give up easily. As the “what ifs” creep in, the fear grows, as does the perceived gap between the life you are living and the life you dream of living. You may accept this as your lot in life, or you may be frustrated by the desire for much more.

When we have the Attitude of Average, we perceive that the difference between living an average life and a magnificent life is huge. In reality, the difference is quite small.

In order to achieve greater results, and to live a wealthier life, you must first be willing to do what ordinary people living extraordinary lives do:

  • Leave behind the idea that you are average, and all that goes with it.
  • Be willing to do whatever it takes, when it is easy and when it is hard.
  • Make the decision that you shall have it — no sticking your toe in the water to see if you are up to the task of making it happen.
  • Commit to sticking with it through thick and thin, through the ups and downs, through the wins and failures that are inevitable on the journey.
  • Focus on your vision, excluding distractions that get you off track.
  • Visualize the life you desire as if you were already living that life.
  • Take action now — the “right” time will never come.

The difference between living an average life and a magnificent and wealthy life is truly this simple, although it may not be easy. You absolutely can create anything you desire. Anyone can when they shed the Attitude of Average.

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