Is it Better to Give Than to Receive?

Is it Better to Give Than to Receive?

Who started that rumor anyway?

Many of us learned this as kids and have heard it throughout our adult lives and we live by it. These powerful 8 words have been grossly misinterpreted and misunderstood. 

Giving and receiving are ‘two sides to the same coin’. The universal law that governs giving and receiving is the Law of Circulation. Any circulatory system must have equal in-flow and out-flow to work properly. If giving were better than receiving then there would be more out-flow than in-flow and the system would not be working optimally.

Many people are great givers yet they are not enjoying the abundance that the universe wants to deliver, in part, because they are not great receivers. They bought into the idea that giving is ‘better’.

Giving activates the Law of Circulation. It is like ‘priming the pump’ or sucking on a siphon hose to get the flow started…once started it flows by itself as long as the hose does not get kinked. In the statement, “it is better to give than to receive”, ‘better’ means that the Law (of Circulation) works (better) when we give. “Better, in this case, does not mean superior.

If you give generously yet are not a good receiver, you put a ‘kink in the hose’ or if you receive (take/need) really well yet you are not a giver, you put a ‘kink in the hose’. Either way, the circulatory system is impeded and the entire system is affected.

Some people are aware that they are not good receivers. Others may not be as aware. Here are some simple ways to check in:

  • When someone compliments you, do you feel compelled to return a compliment or do you just take it in?
  • When someone wants to pay your way (dinner, tickets, etc.), is your response, “thank you” or something like “I can’t possibly accept that gift”?
  • When someone takes action to do something for you that you are perfectly capable of doing do you say “thank you” and let them help or do you say, “that’s OK…I can manage”?

If you find that you are not able to graciously accept these gifts, get curious as to why. It might be that you bought into the misinterpretation of it being better to give. It might be that your caregivers taught you that is it more polite to not “take” something when offered. It might be that you don’t feel worthy of receiving the good that is being offered. 

Practice graciously receiving, and remember that when you receive whatever is being offered, (love, joy, an idea, forgiveness, money, gifts etc.), you are allowing the giver the opportunity to give. You are allowing circulation to flow.

Here’s to in-flow and out-flow!


Tracy Lynn Williams CPO (Chief Potential Officer)
* Success Coach * Results Expert *
Your Partner in Believing

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