Do You Have a Black Belt?

Do You Have a Black Belt?

I read a really cool story the other day about a young student named Scott who had received his first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. When asked what this represented to him, he responded by saying, “Before I was a black belt, when I got into a fight I had to fight because I was afraid.  Now that I am a Black Belt, I can just walk away”.

I love the insight of this young man and I love the metaphor for all of us.

Let me explain; we all experience circumstances that we would not prefer. Most of us have been conditioned and are in the habit of reacting to what we perceive as undesirable circumstances with some degree of a fight or flight response. That is, we get frustrated, angry, anxious, stressed out; we feel fear or defeat; we become jealous or detached; we blame or judge…etc.

Scott was able to walk away instead of fighting because, in the process of earning his Black Belt, he learned to connect with his inner power which gave him a sense of confidence, strength and well-being.

We all have Black Belts. Our Black Belts come from an understanding that there is one presence, one power, one life and the recognition that we are part of that. When we understand and recognize this we are able to respond, instead of react, knowing that we are far greater than any circumstance we might be facing. We are able to let go of the struggle and simply deal with the situation. We are able to find the best in the circumstances. By responding in these ways we experience a sense of confidence, well-being and strength. We connect to our true power. As we learn to live more and more of our life from this place, we experience more and more of the life we desire. 

This week when you encounter a situation in which your first reaction is to go into fight or flight, bring the image of the Black Belt to mind to shift from reaction to responsiveness.

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