Is Your Focus Derailing Your Results?

Is Your Focus Derailing Your Results?

I have been pondering a story that a friend shared with me a few weeks ago.This friend had a blazing busy week and only had a few minutes to write and post her blog.  She decided to write and post it, taking a bit of a risk that it might not be “perfect.”  Her clients look forward to it, and she did not want to let them down.

Within minutes of posting, she noticed it had been ‘Liked’ and ‘Shared’ on Facebook….”whew”…. she had once again succeeded in serving her clients.

She later told with me that she had received an email from someone on her email list informing her that the content was “OK but that it did not seem as well thought out as her blogs generally are and that there were a couple of ‘typos’”.

I got to thinking about how interesting it is as to where we put our focus. Several people (and I am sure many more that did not ‘share’ the post), were focused on the core message, the wisdom that was delivered while this gal was focused on what was wrong with the blog post. 

Which of my friend’s readers do you think are attracting into their lives more of what they want and which are attracting more of what they don’t want?

I am guessing that the person that was critical actually believes she was being helpful…“constructive criticism”.  The thing is that her judgment of the blog, her focus on what was wrong with the blog, actually impacts her energy negatively and pushes herself further away from the good she desires. 

This week I invite you to set your device for every hour that you are awake and then take 15 seconds to notice what you have been focusing on. Notice if what you are focusing on makes you feel expansive or contracted. Is what you are focusing on moving you toward or away from the good you desire?

Becoming aware of your focus is the first step in shifting it. You may be surprised by where your focus is most of the time and you may be surprised at how just being aware of it, changes it.

The great news is, where we put our focus is just a habit and can be changed!

Cheers to a shift in focus!

* Self Mastery Mentor and Coach *
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Share with our community on Facebook something that you were focused on that came about in your life. Did you always focus on that thing or did you train yourself to do so?

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