Did you say “Money May I”?

Did you say “Money May I”?

I have a couple of questions for you.  When you sit down in a restaurant do you look at the prices first?  Do you look at the price tag on a garment to decide if it is even something you can consider? Do you tell yourself that a Honda Civic is just great…justifying that you could never use all the horse-power a Porsche has anyway?

If you are asking those or similar questions you are playing the “Money May I” game. You are asking money for permission. You are giving up your power to money.

I know what you are thinking!  “Tracy, of course I have to know how much something is in order to decide if I can do it.” I get that…we have been trained to think that way but it is really backwards.

You don’t need the money until you DECIDE that you want it. If you don’t want it then the price does not matter. Ask yourself if you would really LOVE it. If the answer is YES then DECIDE you shall have it. You are now thinking from the perspective of the person living the life you would love…this is key to actually manifesting that life.

Now that you are back in control of who (you) gives permission to do things, you can make a decision if you will have it now or if now is not the right time to make the investment/purchase etc. Once you have made a ‘yes’ decision, ideas, opportunities and resources start to show up that support you to take actions (even if tiny little baby steps) that will move you toward bringing that thing into your life.

If it is a new dress, you might make the purchase now. If it is the Porsche, it might take years before you actually make the purchase but you will never make the purchase if you don’t decide now that you will own a Porsche.Waiting until you ‘can’ before deciding you ‘will’ will never come.  That is just the way it works in the Universe.

Charles Raymond Barker, in his book, The Power of Decision explains how this works in the world….Know what you want, decide it shall happen and then take action on that decision. Whether you will make it happen now or down the road it is really that simple: it starts with saying “YES…I would love that and I shall have it”.

Here is a toast to what you would love!


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Can you think of a time when you decided that you would have something but the actual acquisition had to wait? Looking back, can you see how things started to align over time to support making it happen?  Share your story on Facebook


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