Are You Waiting for Something to Change?

Are You Waiting for Something to Change?

Something to Change

At one time a woman who had attended my Vision Workshop approached me with both frustration and hope in her eyes and voice. She had been in a job that does not challenge her for 8 years and a verbally abusive marriage for 10 years. She was waiting for the right time to deal with these circumstances.

Your situation may not be this “big” yet there does not have to be a lot of pain to want something different. What conditions or circumstances do you have that are not satisfying to you? You too may be waiting for the right time.How much time has passed while you have waited for the right time? You are trading your life for the experience you are having. Maybe now is the right time. This is the only time you have. “When things change” will always be sometime in the future…it will never actually come.

Conditions and circumstances will only change when you decide what you would love and take action in the direction of that vision. You may not even know where to start…what step to take, however, once you decide what it is that you desire, ideas will come to you. You may only be able to take baby steps initially but you must take action.

It has been said that most people get stopped in the start. The first step is generally the most difficult and often the scariest. There is some good news; the law of physics states that it is easier to keep something in motion than to get something moving.

What is one action you can take today? What can you do with what you have and from where you are?

Each day, decide on one thing, large or small, that you can do to move in the direction of who you want to be, what you want to have or do.

And remember, sometimes taking actions will be scary…you will have to do it afraid. You must do the work yourself yet you were never meant to do it alone. Also remember, you are far greater than your circumstances.  When you doubt that, believe in my believing. Let me know if I can help!

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