What a Mess

What a Mess

Winnie the Pooh informed us that things will get worse before they get better. I believe that is most often the case.

Think of a really messy drawer stuffed full of clothes. What happens when you decide to organize it? You pull everything out and put it in a big pile on the bed. It is messier. Then, little by little, you toss out some things, you sort what you want to keep, fold everything and neatly put it back in the drawer.

It is no different when we decide to make a positive change in our lives. When we decide for our dream we become aware of paradigms (habits, beliefs, patterns of thoughts) that no longer serve us and that do not serve our dream. In order to make the changes we desire we must change our paradigms.

Research has shown that there are only two ways to change a paradigm:

  1. Experiencing a very strong emotional impact such as an accident, illness or divorce. Unfortunately, these instant paradigm busters are generally negative.
  2. Through a proper structure of support that provides constant time spaced repetition of new beliefs, habits and patterns of behavior and thought.

In either case, Winnie the Pooh is right. Things get worse (messier) before they get better. Although slower, option 2 is clearer a more desirable path.

When we start taking action in service of our dreams and begin to make progress in upgrading our paradigms, it can be frustrating and disappointing if we back-slide and especially if things seem to be getting worse. Just like the messy drawer, this is what it looks like when it is all coming together.

When we understand this and embrace stalls and back-slides as part of any growth or improvement process, we are able to remain in a state of gratitude, learn the lessons being offered and stay in alignment with the good that is beyond the mess.

Understanding that the messiness offers opportunities to stay in alignment and that staying in alignment is crucial for doing what many of us have been conditioned to do…. complaining, getting frustrated or angry, or possibly giving up on the process takes us out of alignment, slowing the process or even interrupting it.

If we are growing, messy things will happen.

This week when something gets messy stop, take a deep breath and celebrate that it is a sign of growth. Trust the process, even if you can’t see it in the moment. This is what it looks like when things are coming together.

Cheers to big messes!

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