How Badly Do You Want Your Dream?

How Badly Do You Want Your Dream?

It has been said that “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If it is not important, you will make excuses.” This is undeniably true. We can find examples throughout history of even seemingly impossible things that have been accomplished by those that felt that ‘it’ was important.

Now you may want to buck me on this, proclaiming that there are things in your life you absolutely truly do desire that, up until now, you have not created or accomplished despite your efforts.

Here is the thing; there is an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. The answers and solutions may not be apparent to you now or from your current level of thinking but they are available.

So if you truly have the desire, why has the solution not shown up yet? 
In many cases it is because we give in to the tug of our conditions and circumstances…our paradigms win!

We may give up, believing that it is not meant to be, or because we don’t know ‘how’ to bring it about. 

It may be that we are trying to figure it out instead of making it welcome and in doing so we unknowingly block what we most desire.

Often the voices of fear, doubt and worry speak so loudly that we become discouraged and stop doing the work or making the effort required to bring ‘it’ about.

Your paradigms don’t want you to find a way, so they show up in many different ways to hold you back.

The question I must ask is, ‘How important is it?”

If ‘it’ is truly important then you will find a way. That way will include a way to tame the voice of fear, doubt and worry. A way to get crystal clear on the ‘what’ so the ‘how’ can make itself available to you. A way to welcome the ideas and opportunities…because if you could have figured it out you would have done it by now. A way means that you stop making excuses and start asking highly calibrated questions such as “What is one thing I can do today that will move me in the direction of my dream?”

Excuses are really just alibis that we can hide behind when we are not finding a way to create what we say is important. 

If you find yourself making excuses, ask yourself if ‘it’ is really important (to you not to anyone else…to you). If is it not, then let it go. Invest your energy in things that are important. If it is, then find a way!

And remember, you must do the work yourself however, you were never meant to do it alone. Let’s talk about support that will help you find the way.

Here’s to finding the way to your dream!


Tracy Lynn Williams CPO (Chief Potential Officer)
* Success Coach * Results Expert *
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