Have Faith In Yourself

Have Faith In Yourself

Money Coaching with Doris

Date: 13 September 2017

Q1. How were you feeling before our coaching sessions?

Very anxious and confused.

Q2. How did you feel afterwards?

Empowered and ready to meet challenges head on.

Q3. What were you struggling with before our coaching together?

Organizing a move away from Switzerland that I was not looking forward to.

Q4.Who would you recommend coaching with me and why?

Who? Anyone who might feel stuck or paralyzed in taking action regarding any sort of problem, especially money related, that they have been struggling to deal with on their own for too long.  They must also be ready to trust Ilana and her intuition as well as their own in order to manifest dynamic changes in their own perspective and give them clarity and power to break free from old, negative behavioral patterns.

Ilana is a holistic healer that sees how a healthy mind and body go hand in hand and also gave me practical nutritional recipes that clearly increased my energy level.

Why?  When feelings have overwhelmed you due to stressful situations or perhaps have even made you numb, it is important to understand that there are people out there who can help you.  It’s not easy sometimes to find them.  But I can assure you that Ilana is the intelligent, caring voice that can be trusted to get you moving on your way. She respects your journey and opinions.  She is like a big sister or mother who doesn’t tell you what to do but helps you to unlock the answers within yourself.  You just need to be ready to do so.

Q5. What are you most excited about as a result of working with me?  How did it help you?

I am most excited about how I am now able to have faith in myself once more to be able to face the many challenges coming my way.  I like being in control of my own destiny and I now see that even if I did not make the decision about my next life changing move, that I can rely on myself to think clearly and work out solutions step by step with a level head.


After getting my emotional state in order, Ilana also helped me with incredibly practical matters by referring me to a website where I found a tenant to sublet my apartment for free within 3 days time and also connected me with two people who may be able to work for me in my business here in Switzerland.

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