Can You See the Silver Lining?

Can You See the Silver Lining?

There are numerous sayings that are familiar to most us and that we use commonly. We often use them because, well, they’re great quotes and there is a part of us that understands the truth in them even if we are not consciously aware of the depth of the meaning.

We often use sayings that contain ‘Silver Linings’ such as; “Every cloud has a silver lining”; “look for the silver lining” to console or encourage someone who is dealing with circumstances they would not prefer.

It feels good to us and to the receiver yet often when something becomes commonplace, like ‘look for the silver lining’ we take it lightly and in doing so we miss the power in it.

Looking for, finding and naming the silver lining in one of the most powerful ways to get in alignment with the good that is available to each and every one of us. Finding the silver lining is an expression of gratitude.Gratitude has the same vibrational frequency as abundance and therefore it is necessary to maintain a state of gratitude if you are to get the results you desire.

Looking for the silver lining is simply the act of finding the best in all circumstances and fixing our mind on the best. Because the Law of Gratitude is a natural principle, when we fix our mind on the best we can only get more of the best in return.

I get that it can be a bit challenging to find the silver lining and keep our mind fixed on it when circumstances that are less than desirable, or, let’s face it, when things have the appearance of being really bad. These are the moments that are truly opportunities for transformation.

Finding the silver lining is challenging times is made easier if we ‘strengthen the muscle’ of doing so in the good times.

This week ‘choose’ to find the silver lining each day in something you are easily grateful for and something that seems to be more challenging.

To the best in everything,

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I would love to hear about your Silver Lining experience. Can you think of a time when the situation really seemed bad, but in retrospect, there was a rich Silver Lining?  Share it on Facebook!

PS What is one ‘win’ you are proud of today?  Share it with our Facebook community. Let me know if you could use some support resisting the gravitational pull

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