Ultimate Assistant

Ultimate Assistant

San Diego, Minneapolis, New York City, Paris.
What these four vibrant and fabulous cities all have in common is that they are your golden opportunities to learn, grow, and TRANSFORM your career in 2017! Join Vickie Evans and I for a 2-day Be the Ultimate Assistant (BTUA) workshop and join your like-minded colleagues who travel from all over the world to share ideas and best practices with the brightest minds in the business.


BTUA Chicago | March 2017
Jan Adams
“This was my third BTUA and this latest one in Chicago was my favorite! You keep making the experience better and better. As an EA with 10 years experience, this workshop is a must for any assistant who is serious about their career and who is hungry to learn more, more, more!”
~Jan Adams, BTUA Alumni, Atlanta
There has never been a better time to be an assistant than right now. There has also never been a more complicated time to be an assistant than right now. In our intimate group of 30, we tackle these real-life complicated situations and dive deeply into the solutions. Subjects like;
  • Keep up with the latest MS Office technology in 4.5 hours with Vickie Sokol Evans. Learn from the best technology trainer in the world. That’s not even hyperbole.
  • Finding your voice to speak up and it feels SO good!
  • Handling difficult people and situations, even the bullies
  • How to successfully support multiple managers and still have a life
  • Taking the lead in your office with strategies that make a real difference for you and your executive
  • Why women need to lean in and strongly support one another in a profession that is 95-98% female
And so much more in our 17+ hours together.
Choose Your BTUA Experience
BTUA San Diego
May 19-20
BTUA Minneapolis
BTUA Minneapolis
June 10-11
BTUA NYC Sept 2017
BTUA New York City

Sept 9-10
BTUA Paris Header 2
BTUA Paris
Nov 16-17
“This is not a rehearsal. Life that is.” 
Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis with Bonnie Low-Kramen, PA for 25 years
If your gut says you need to claim your seat at BTUA in 2017, don’t let anything stop you. Your executive will thank you for attending and encourage you to keep on seeking the training that is specific and necessary to your role. There is too much at stake in our complicated workplace not to.
If you are interested in joining me at another event somewhere else on the planet, please click here for my full Tour Schedule. Thank you for paying it forward and sharing this information with your colleagues who would benefit.
Master Instructors:
Bonnie Low-Kramen & Vickie Sokol Evans
To your success!
 PS Here is the link for one of Vickie’s and my most popular podcast episodes called, “Building an Internal Assistant Network” with guest Victoria Darragh. Check it out.
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