Taking Stock: Mid-Year Review Kit Download

Taking Stock: Mid-Year Review Kit Download

Wow, here we are at the mid-point in the year. When it comes to goals, I find that there are three different camps: those that don’t have goals and thus have nothing to measure; those that set goals and are on track at this mid-year point and those that feel they have missed the mark. 

I know you are a goal setter (or learning to be one) so let’s talk about the other two camps.

Regardless of which camp you are in or which of the 4 quadrants of life your goals are in, it is time to take stock.

If you are on track or ahead of plan, take time to celebrate the wins.Celebrating is important to keeping up the pace. Now, you might be tempted to kick back and cruise. This is actually the time to really ‘roll-up your sleeves’ and use that momentum to power-up for an even more amazing second half.

If you are feeling like you have missed the mark or are not on target one of two things might be happening for you: you are more determined than ever and already adjusting your strategy or you are feeling defeat, thoughts of doubts are creeping in and you might actually just want to ‘throw in the towel’. Remember, there are no failures, only stepping stones. What are the nuggets of learning you can use going forward? Celebrate the nuggets.

As a reminder for all of us, our history, track record or past results have NOTHING to do with what we can create in the future. We have also all seen successes that just did not seem to be getting off the ground then suddenly, the tide changed. If your dream is important to you, never give up. Those that achieve extraordinary things are just ordinary people who are willing to do what others will not do to achieve their dreams.

Whether you are on track or not, now is the time to:

  • Take stock
  • Set new goals or reestablish your existing goals
  • Laser focus your time and resources
  • Envision the success that you desire as already done

To make this very important work easy, I have created a Mid-Year Review Kit. Click here to download the kit. 

Right now, before you download the kit, go to your calendar and block out time to do these exercises.

Cheers to this being your best year yet!

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