Are You Unknowingly Blocking Greater Financial Abundance?

Are You Unknowingly Blocking Greater Financial Abundance?

Do you want more money?

Our relationship with money and wealth has everything to do with how much of it we have. This is true regardless of whether you have you have plenty yet still desire greater wealth or if you have very little and need more.

The interesting thing is that we may not even be aware of how seemingly innocuous thoughts and language are blocking a greater level of financial abundance. Thought patterns, conversation patterns and habits in dealing with money that are familiar and common among those we hang out with may go unnoticed because, well, they are habits and ‘normal’ for us.

I am grateful that my path in life does and has lead me to be around people of all levels of financial wealth.  I have noticed a few things. Here are some examples:

Last weekend I was at a gathering of people who, I happen to know, would love to have a greater level of wealth. I noticed that much of the conversation was qualified by money: one guy modestly and proudly shared that his son had just made his first ‘professionally’ produced album. He added that the cost was “many tens of thousands of dollars”.

Another person was sharing a desire and followed with ‘but I don’t have the kind of wealth needed…”.  In contrast to these conversations, at another event among a group of people who have a great deal of financial freedom, I noticed that either money or how much something cost was not part of the conversation. They did not qualify what they had done or what they desire doing with the investment required to do it.

Let me be clear, I am not saying that people who desire more wealth have money relationship issues and people with lots of money flow don’t. What I am saying is that if we want more wealth, regardless of what we have, we must start noticing habits, thought patterns and language beyond the apparent, that indicate a sense of lack and ‘not enough’.

Becoming aware of our relationship with money and shifting beliefs that are blocking a greater flow of money, at whatever level you desire it, is the key to making a change.

This week notice how often your thoughts and words involve money. Get curious about what added value the thoughts and comments have. Notice when you qualify something with ‘how much’ it costs.

If thoughts you think or the words you speak have a sense of lack or if you feel a need to indicate value or if you are impressed by the cost, you are giving money power over you and you might be blocking a greater flow of money.

Practice halting the thoughts and leaving out the comments about ‘how much’.

This will break the spell of false power that you have given money. When you no longer hold the belief that money is a qualifier for what you can and can’t do, have or be, you will allow a greater flow of financial abundance into your life.

Here to more financial abundance!

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