What are You Talking About?

What are You Talking About?

There are two types of conversations; those that move us forward toward the life that we desire and those that keep us stuck where we are.

95% of the population are having Conditioned Based Conversations 99% of the time. In these conversations we are ‘telling our story’; we are reliving the past or talking about the current conditions; we are focused on why things are as they are and how they can’t be different. These conversations often leave us feeling frustrated with our circumstances and hopeless. These are the conversations that validate our situation. They attract more of the same.

If our desire is to achieve different results we must have conversations about what is possible, about what we desire and dream of, about aspirations and goals. These Generative Conversations open our awareness to new ideas, new thoughts, and new opportunities. These conversations stimulate creative thinking. Because they are at a higher frequency, they ‘feel’ inspirational and expansive. We leave the conversation energized and empowered, ready to take action.

When we are in Generative Conversations we are focused on the “what”, not the “how” and in doing so, the how presents itself to us.

Here are a few ideas for creating Generative Conversations:

  • Tell me what some of your goals are for this year?
  • Share with me what it will feel like when you have reached your goal(s)?
  • If it all worked out, what would you be (do or have) in three years?
  • What are some of the ideas for reaching your goals?

This week I invite you to notice the nature of your conversations. Use your ‘pause button’ if you notice conditioned based conversation taking place.Use your ability to choose to change the questions and discussion to forward thinking ideas and things that you desire.

To rich conversation,


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